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May Memorial Library is one of Burlington’s treasures. The building is one of the few buildings in downtown Burlington that pretty much still looks the same. This summer, take the kids to the library (or go with a friend) and take advantage of the many free programs offered. Read all about the events scheduled at the library for June in Burlington Magazine’s live (online) flip magazine (MayJun Issue) at:

2018 brings some awesome new sections and changes to Burlington Magazine:

  • An ever-expanding event section:  Local Scene 411 (get a line listing for free by submitting here on our website – click on the tab for ‘Event Submission’)
  • Added distribution as well as Home & Business Subscription Services (CLICK HERE to subscribe)
  • New community sections
  • 16 pages added to the magazine
  • New interior layouts and design
  • VOTE for your favorite Burlington area businesses (coming soon)
  • Nominate a “Hero”
  • Nominate a “Champion of Children”

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Burlington and the surrounding area has come a long way since ‘circa late 1850s’. Then known early on as ‘Company Shops’ and consisting of four buildings – a church, bank, hotel and restaurant – Burlington’s now a thriving town filled with industry, artisans and strong roots. Burlington Magazine is honored to be the ‘go to’ community magazine, thanks to all of its wonderful citizens and surrounding businesses.

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