Belong in Burlington

Have you attended a Belong in Burlington event in Downtown Burlington yet? If not, no worries, the event will be held quarterly so be sure to come to the next one on October 25th. To find out more about this regular event go to

4th Fridays - September 22nd

Were you at 4th Friday on September 22nd? These people were!

Carousel Festival - September 16 & 17

Were you at the Carousel Festival? These people were!

You never know where we'll show up, but get ready to smile when we do!

We love capturing those great, candid moments on the streets of Burlington. Keep your eye out for us…we’ll be the ones snapping your picture for our Out & About section, in print in Burlington Magazine and sometimes featured here online. Check back with us to see if you’re one of the featured ‘Out & About’ faces… Our latest issue hits the streets the week of Oct 9th – feel free to hit us up on Facebook for places you can find us handing out magazines (or locations you can pick them up yourself). Pick up a copy for family and friends at the 7 local Food Lion grocery stores as well as the Burlington Harris Teeter! Own your own business in the Burlington/Alamance area? We’d love to show you how affordable advertising in Burlington Magazine can be! Did you know that your business could be featured on the front cover for FREE? Call us to find out how! (336) 524-6966