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Does my business need a VIP (Mobile) Club AND a Mobile App?


Our Mobile Club benefits are great, and while the program can certainly be used without the Mobile App, the two work seamlessly together to maximize your mobile reach.

Using them in tandem covers all the bases:

The VIP (Mobile) Club program serves as a means to ‘push’ messages to your loyal customers. They join your club because you give them a reason to join – you give them something special (discounts, coupons, etc.) and that makes them feel special. The VIP (Mobile) Club’s function is to make sure you stay on the minds of your customers.

The Mobile App is your mini (mobile) website. Unlike when your ‘regular website’ is translated to a mobile device, the Mobile App is set up to display ONLY what you want your customers to see – ONLY what you want them to DO. The Mobile App’s function is to fill the needs & wants of your loyal customers when your business is already on their minds. 


Use them together

for maximum results

VIP (Mobile) Club

OR call it whatever you like

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Mobile App

Branded with YOUR Logo

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