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DEADLINES for Upcoming Issues

(Note: Our publication dates and deadlines occasionally need adjusted – check with us if your deadline/exact publish date is crucial to the content of your potential advertisement)

JAN/FEB 2019 – DEADLINE Jan 11  (Publish Online: Jan 20 – Print: week of Jan 21)

MAR/APR 2019 – DEADLINE  Mar 8  (Publish Online: Mar 13 – Print: week of Mar 18)

MAY/JUN 2019 – DEADLINE  May 3  (Publish Online: May 7 – Print: week of May 13)

JUL/AUG 2019 – DEADLINE  Jun 28  (Publish Online: Jul 2 – Print: week of Jul 8)

SEP/OCT 2019 – DEADLINE  Sep 13  (Publish Online: Sep 17 – Print: week of Sep 23)

NOV/DEC 2019 – DEADLINE  Nov 1  (Publish Online: Nov 5 – Print: week of Nov 11)

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We hope you enjoy this online version of Burlington Magazine. If you would like to receive the magazine at your place of business, please let us know and we’ll add you to our delivery route.  Our complimentary magazine can always be found at the locations listed below (and other locations are spontaneously added en route), so look for us around town!

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BURLINGTON MAGAZINE can be found at local Food Lion grocery stores, Harris Teeter in Burlington, as well as libraries & businesses around town:

  • Skin Karma
  • The Alliance (Convention Center)
  • Plaza Veterinary Hospital
  • Ann Hope’s Corner
  • A Way to Go Travel (Burlington)
  • Nighttime Cafe (dwntn Burlington)
  • Burlington Brew Works
  • Company Shops Train Station
  • Ge Ge the Neighbor bakery
  • Burlington Magazine Ofc (Davis Street)
  • La Fiesta Restaurant (Church Street)
  • Vailtree Event Center
  • Triad Foot & Ankle Center
  • King Electric
  • Burke Manor Inn (Gibsonville)
  • Rack & Rolls Billiards
  • Boston Sandwich Shop
  • Alamance County YMCA (Burlington)
  • Alamance Community College
  • Moorefield Florist
  • Massage Envy (University Drive)
  • Touloupas & Touloupas Dentistry
  • Public Library (Burlington & Graham)
  • Salvation Coffee Company
  • Graham Marine Sales
  • Best Western Hotel
  • Drury Inn (Burlington) & many Alamance area hotels
  • Burlington/Alamance County Convention (Visitor’s Center)
  • Burlington City Hall
  • Other businesses spontaneously accept the magazine en route

*to be added to drop list, email us: