If you’d like to submit a story or have advertising needs, please contact us at connect@indie-pub.com. We know this is a sensitive time and we’d love to help you if we can. Further, rather than go strictly by our posted publishing deadline dates, it would be best for you to contact us directly as we are also experiencing challenges in keeping deadlines on schedule.

Please stay healthy and safe and let’s all help each other through this!


Dana & the Burlington Magazine Team

Pick up your copy of Burlington Magazine

We are still experiencing some hesitation of businesses to carry a physical magazine on their premises, so we continue to combine direct-mail and drops. During the COVID-19 Crisis more “direct-mailing” is being exercised (vs. dropping magazines at locations such as grocery stores & libraries), as many businesses still do not yet want people handling magazines then leaving them at the location. We understand this. If you want a copy of the current magazine and cannot find it around town (or it does not come to your mailbox), please let us know and we’ll see what we can do about getting a copy to you. Please be advised that, as a result of this, we have a limited number of physical copies of the magazine on hand, as we are doing mostly direct-mail delivery vs. community distribution. In the meantime, our live “flip” magazine is online for your reading pleasure! CLICK HERE to read our most current issue.

Here is a list of where you can generally find a copy, under normal circumstances:

  • May Memorial Library
  • Graham Library
  • Boston Sandwich Shop
  • Amtrak Train Station
  • Alamance County Visitor’s Bureau
  • Barbara’s Hidden Treasures
  • YMCA (Burlington)
  • Triad Foot & Ankle
  • Alamance Community College
  • Touloupas & Touloupas Dentistry
  • Burlington Rec & Parks (Mebane St)
  • Burlington Amtrak Station
  • Burlington Rec & Parks
  • Salvation Coffee
  • Envision Wellness

(we have other drop spots in Alamance County so feel free to contact us or request to have Burlington Magazine delivered to your place of business)

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