If you’d like to submit a story or have advertising needs, we’d love to help. Rather than going strictly by our posted publishing deadline dates, we recommend that you contact us directly, as we are still experiencing the effects of the challenges the print world is still experiencing (paper costs, paper availability and heavier-than-usual print queues). We appreciate your patience.

If you’d like to advertise in any of our publications, please contact us to get the most current information on publication dates.


Dana & the Burlington Magazine Team (connect@indie-pub.com)

Pick up your copy of Burlington Magazine

We are still experiencing hesitation of businesses to carry a physical magazine on their premises, so we continue to honor businesses that mandate wearing of the mask on their premises and those that still don’t want physical magazines on their premises. We have resumed dropping magazines to businesses who want them. If you WOULD  like current magazines delivered to your place of business/lobby when each new issue is released, please let us know and we’ll add you to our drop list. You SHOULD be able to find copies at May Memorial Library, but that supply can run low as well, given it’s a popular pickup point for readers. In the meantime, our live “flip” magazine is ALWAYS online for your reading pleasure! CLICK HERE to read our most current issue.

Here is a list of where you can generally find a copy, under normal circumstances, until magazines run out:

  • May Memorial Library
  • Graham Library
  • Boston Sandwich Shop
  • Alamance County Visitor’s Bureau
  • Barbara’s Hidden Treasures
  • YMCA (Burlington)
  • Triad Foot & Ankle
  • Alamance Community College
  • Touloupas & Touloupas Dentistry
  • Burlington Rec & Parks (Mebane St)
  • Burlington Amtrak Station
  • Burlington Rec & Parks
  • Salvation Coffee
  • Envision Wellness

(feel free to contact us or request to have Burlington Magazine delivered to your place of business)

We apologize, but we no longer offer direct subscriptions as it is not cost-effective for us.